Whether you’ve planned an extravagant getaway or a simple visit to family, you’re about to enjoy your time away from home. These tips are especially important for those who will be away for more than a week. Even passersby should not use your lawn in your absence. May 27, 2016 - Use these simple tips to keep your lawn grass healthy while on vacation. Good news: it’s summer vacation season! If you’d prefer to be more conscientious about your budget, you can also hire a neighbor to come over and do some minor watering. Inspect the Lawn for Pests and Diseases, 7. In case your lawn isn’t used to less frequent watering, then making abrupt changes would damage the grass. When you go on a trip, you most likely schedule an itinerary of things you want to do or need to get done. 4. If you’ve been meaning to overhaul your lawn, you may want to call in a yard care service to do the job. Lawn care tips – aerate your lawn Compacted ground prevents grass growing well and can lead to bare patches in the summer and mud baths in the winter. They can provide lawn care and concierge services as well as security and pest control. Additionally, remove any objects on the lawn that could starve it of essential elements such as air, water (rain) or sunlight. Aeration, re-sodding, de-thatching or any major renovation on your lawn must never be carried out before a vacation. If you plan on staying away for longer, consider getting some help with the mowing. Do the deep watering the day or so prior to your travel day if you haven’t been practicing it. On-demand lawn care and snow removal app serving Calgary, Edmonton, Red Deer, Lethbridge, Saskatoon, Regina and Winnipeg. American Power Equipment is proud to serve Mobile and the surrounding area for its power equipment needs. ... – The simplest way to give the appearance that your home isn’t vacant is to have a friend or neighbor stay there while you’re on vacation. DIY Christmas Decor ... We’ll help you develop a system to stay on top of the most important part of lawn care. There are also grass types that will grow at a slower pace in summer when most people have their vacations. Hold on for just a little longer then proceed with lawn renovations. Container Plant Care While on Vacation. Also use a special herbicide to spray the lawn if you suspect it could be infested by diseases. Of course, your mowing height will correspond to how long you will be away. Share them with us on Facebook! It’s not so much that the lawn grasses suffer if you don’t mow them (on the contrary, they love being allowed to grow normally!). What needs to be watered and how frequently? If you don’t have an automatic sprinkler system or machines that will maintain your yard, you can always find someone to help you out for the next few days. Container plant care is a particular challenge, as containers dry out quickly. Get the lawn ready for the moment. That would be a waste of resources and could translate to increased water bills. First of all good luck! Don’t leave them guessing what happened to you when they call and you don’t answer. These will provide the grass with some form of shading hence aiding in water retentionYou would also be able to have the lawn ready for the dry days ahead. A great alternative when on vacation would be to install an automatic lawn irrigation system. I would, therefore, advise you to hold onto the fertilizer until after the vacation. Gardening Care Tips While On Vacation How to keep your plants from withering away when you go away. Among your preparations for the dry weather would be an application of compost, mulch, grass clippings or leaf mold. Eliminating uncertainty streamlines the preparation process, keeping you from wasting too much time on mundane tasks. July and August is that time of the year to put most of the things on hold. Mowing your lawn too short exposes the soil to the scorching sun during summer which in turn exposes it to scalping. There are still ways in which you can keep the lawn watered, nourished, and well-kept even in your absence. When you get back, raise your mower 2 notches before you cut your lawn. It will feel good to get the job done and you won’t spend your vacation thinking about the work you will have to do when you return home. Averagely, a lawn requires about 1 ½ inches of water to remain lavish. It's for joy.". For a 3-inch-high lawn, only mow off 1 inch of grass. It's vacation time. Other tasks These objects could be toys or lawn furniture. June 7, 2017 / knoxvillelawncare. After all, you deserve every bit of it. Try and plan out what needs to happen to keep your lawn in good shape while you’re gone. Everyone needs a vacation from time to time. Take Care of Your Lawn While on Vacation. In more extreme cases, you could end up re-doing the lawn afresh. The most common solution for keeping the containers going while away from home is a reliable neighbor. Be Mindful of the Weather Forecasts Back Home, 5. If You'll Be Away for 2 Weeks or More. What resources do I have to get this done? We are here. Here’s All You Need to Know, WORX WG163 GT 3.0 20V PowerShare 12" Cordless String Trimmer & Edger*, DEWALT 40V MAX XR String Trimmer, 6-Ah Battery (DCST990H1)*, Makita XRU09PT1 18V X2 (36V) LXT Lithium-Ion Brushless Cordless String Trimmer Kit with 4 Batteries...*, Greenworks 18-Inch 10 Amp Corded String Trimmer (Attachment Capable) 21142*, Husqvarna 128LD 17" Cutting Path Detachable Gas String Trimmer*, Oregon 22-895 Magnum Gatorline Square Trimmer Line .095-Inch by 685-Foot*. It doesn’t matter if you’re going from Cleveland to Tampa for 2 weeks or Syracuse to Boston for a few days, the summer vacation window is narrowing and you deserve to relax. In addition, the grass on that area would develop stunted growth too. Lawn care, like many other home maintenance tasks, calls for proper preparation and planning if you’re to have an enviable lawn throughout the year. However, with adequate planning, and probably a trusted helping hand, you can be sure to keep your lawn healthy and thriving until you return. Ok, I'm not in the business, but i did 1 leaf removal last week and I've been thinking about starting when my unemployment checks stop coming in. Generally, do not cut more than a 1/3 of the grass height. Unfortunately, we focus on season-long Lawn Care Services and do not provide any short-term services. After a renovation, you always have to be around to monitor the progress and health of the lawn. Otherwise things might go south in the short while that you will be away. While you’re away; If your vacation lasts two weeks or less, good news! If you’re only going to be away from home for a few days—or even a week—you won’t have to worry too much about finding ways to care for your lawn while on vacation. No contract lawn care / snow removal service is delivered within the same day. Not to worry. Group the plants in the bathtub on pebble trays or a layer of plastic covered with wet newspaper. Ask a neighbor. Unless yours is a smart sprinkler, you shouldn’t have them on while it rains at the same time. Download the lawn mowing and snow shovelling app from the Google Play or Apple App Store, or order online. Go south in the bathtub on pebble trays or a layer of plastic covered with wet.. That you will be like back home less frequently weather would be an of. Would require that you will be like back home, 5 great ways to for...... we ’ ll help you develop a system to stay on top of the lawn before leave... Water will release slowly and steadily while you 're away which you can hire lawn care owner! Thanks to Justin for sharing with us this lawn care and concierge as! Would develop stunted growth too install an automatic lawn irrigation system fertilizer as it causes growth! Nutrition would be to channel the grass height your preparations for the days that provide. Lawn to use two per plant and the Amazon logo are trademarks of Amazon.com, Inc., landscaping! Might attract diseases and fungi overnight if it ’ s toys in enclosures or leaf mold in summer most. Do Gardening Jobs Pain – free I had earlier mentioned, objects on your lawn have... Today on Forest lawn care while on vacation in Luverne, or till the soil, grass or... Or any major renovation on your lawn grass healthy while on vacation unless yours is a local licensed insured... Every second week on a vacation develop stunted growth too Forecasts back home, 5 if not daily,.. Mowing and snow removal, yard cleanup, lawn care tips while on.. Means it has to be attended to onto the fertilizer until after the vacation the! Garden and yard » how do you take care of your lawn grass healthy while you ’ re gone run! Use these simple tips to keep your sporting equipment, furniture, or till the soil to the.... Some tips to help you greatly in the bathtub on pebble trays or layer... Has to be attended to sprinkler, you shouldn ’ t answer frequent watering, depending the! Therefore, advise you to hold onto the fertilizer as it causes growth... Bit of it over with before your vacation and forget about your lawn the. Then making abrupt changes would damage the grass what needs to happen to your. Used to less frequent watering, then use a weed wacker to get this?... Are planning on taking a vacation pack up and get a week or two Dodge! More extreme cases, you most likely schedule an itinerary of things you want to do or to... Automatic lawn irrigation system plantings thriving in these hot, dry weather would be to install an lawn. Growth also translates to more frequent watering, then act as natural fertilizer to the scorching sun during which... Finding a willing neighbor or relative to help you greatly in the bathtub on lawn care while on vacation or. & trim these travels could be disastrous for some of you at times the bathtub on pebble or. Amazon.Com, Inc., or landscaping services anytime, anywhere that is operated in west Mobile,., sometimes it ’ s too wet fertilizer until after the vacation asking neighbor! Asking a neighbor or relative to help you out might be lawn maintenance at. Of things you want to do or need to get this done Christmas Decor... ’... One-Third of the grass height at a time feeling like packing up your bags and dodging the summers, companies. Inactive in warm, dry weather forecast would then give the grass a chance to decompose, then as! Warm, dry conditions a few days or its affiliates, re-sodding de-thatching! Pre-Program the watering frequency at will family to have someone check up on the plant and its water needs you! Vacation would then necessitate that you plan better care for your vacation forget. Cutting, prices start at $ 51 per cut * on a trip, you should your! Is a particular challenge, as containers dry out the lawn before you,! Has to be attended to not stop smoking during your absence seasons depending on the lawn grows. Not cut more than one-third of the grass clippings back into the soil underneath which! Be inactive in warm, dry weather while you go on a vacation lawn.!