Avg GPA. Mondays-Fridays: 8:00 am-4:30 pm. If the student does complete at least a 2.00 GPA in the second semester on probation, and therefore is still not off probation, the student will have one more semester to raise their cumulative GPA high enough to get off probation. The cumulative grade point average is determined by dividing total graded semester hours attempted into total quality points earned. Think back to your favorite professor, the lifelong friends you made and your travel and volunteer experiences. In computing the cumulative grade point average, grades are assigned the following quality points: A,4.0; A-,3.7; B+,3.3; B,3.0; B-2.7; C+,2.3; C,2.0; C-,1.7; D+,1.3; D,1.0; D-,.7; F,0. It is recommended that the student consult the academic advisor and instructor of the course before adding any course. Suspension: Students on academic probation, who do not demonstrate adequate progress toward good standing during the semester immediately following being placed on probation, may be suspended from the college. There is no fee required. The student is to declare a major on a Declaration of Major form submitted to the Office of the Registrar by the time he/she has completed 40 semester hours. Simpson College serves the diverse communities of the Midwest and the nation by providing academic and co-curricular programs designed to educate students of all ages and backgrounds. To order an official transcript  The student must be in good academic standing and must be a freshman or sophomore.. Although the requirements my vary by department, all students must complete at least eight (8) credits of research and writing over two (2) semesters, produce a thesis and defend that thesis before a committee of faculty. (Students are allowed a maximum of 60 days after the beginning of the next regular semester to complete their work.) CLEP subject exams may apply to cornerstone or requirements subject to department approval. The inquiry by the Dean must focus on the alleged mathematical error made by the instructor in formulating the final grade. At least, 2 four-credit classes must be completed in the minor at Simpson in order for the student to earn a minor. The fee for each transcript requested will be $10.00. Unofficial transcripts can be requested through the Simpson College Registrar’s Office. 390 – This designation will refer to courses that are advanced in nature with prerequisites or permission of instructor. Students who initiate their studies at Simpson College through the Evening, Weekend and Graduate program and become degree-seeking students will retain their status of duly admitted student if they interrupt their studies for no more than two consecutive calendar years. the requirement that the work be redone with a substituted assignment. When unable to complete required assignments in an individual course due to circumstances beyond their control, students may apply for the interim grade of “incomplete.” Students must submit completed applications to the Office of the Registrar on or before the day final grades are due for the course in question. Simpson grants college credit through the College-Level Examination Program (CLEP) and Advanced Placement Programs. Send transcripts to: Simpson University, Admissions Office 2211 College View Drive Redding, CA 96003. If the student does not earn at least a 2.00 GPA in that first semester of probation, but shows improvement, the student may be granted a continuation of probation. 3. In keeping with the College’s mission to develop the student’s critical intellectual skills, while fostering personal integrity and moral responsibility, each student is expected to abide by the Simpson College rules for academic integrity. The Prometric center, located on the third floor of the Owen Student Services Center at 2211 College View Drive, is the company’s first office in Redding. Simpson University Attn: Advising Center 2211 College View Drive Redding, CA 96003. CHANGE OF REGISTRATION(revised 5/23/11 faculty meeting) The grade of CR receives credit but no quality points. Instructors report to the office of the registrar the names of students who have excessive absences for no apparent reason. The bus was carrying the Simpson College softball team. The time of the declaration of the major is determined by the date of its receipt in the Office of the Registrar. In general, there are three ways to secure advanced placement: 1. The department faculty must approve the selection of honors students. If a student’s cumulative grade point average falls below the minimum expectations for good academic standing, that student will be placed on academic probation by the Dean for Academic Affairs. Simpson College is committed to ensuring that COVID-19 related academic disruptions don't threaten any students' ability to strive for and attain a Simpson education. In the case of fulfilling a Cornerstone, the Cornerstone Director will make that determination, and in the case of a Competency, the department responsible for the competency shall make that determination. All rights reserved. Monday - Friday 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Office Location. Glenn R. Simpson, founder of research firm Fusion GPS, spoke to investigators with the Senate Judiciary Committee for 10 hours in August. If a student is suspected of committing academic dishonesty outside the context of a course (e.g., fraud involving college documents and/or records that do not involve a course), and it has been substantiated with evidence, the Academic Dean shall then decide whether to place the student on academic probation, academic suspension, or academic dismissal depending upon the severity of the case. Scratchy! Release of an unofficial transcript requires a signed authorization and requests cannot be accepted over the phone. ADVANCED PLACEMENT OPPORTUNITIES CREDIT FOR NON-RESIDENT STUDY The total number of life experience credits available to a student will be determined at the date of submission of the final portfolio. The appeal must be in writing, and the Dean will present the case to the academic appeals committee for a final decision. Students in the news, exciting events on campus, guest speakers, podcasts ... big things happening every day. In the appeal, the student must provide a written explanation as to how the grade was computed incorrectly. If a student who has received a D- or better in a course at Simpson College wishes to retake the course elsewhere and transfer it in, the student’s Simpson College GPA will not be affected, because the grade of the course transferred in will not replace the grade of the course taken at Simpson College. Simpson University, California’s only Christian university north of Sacramento, offers undergraduate, adult, and graduate studies, seminary, and credential programs. A candidate for a degree is required to earn the final 32 credits of the degree through Simpson College. A maximum of 16 credits may be awarded for coursework equivalent to Simpson courses taken through unaccredited organizations such as LOMA (Life Office Management Association), ABA (American Banking Association), CPCU (Chartered Property and Casualty Underwriters), and Bible Schools. Any member of the campus community with questions, please contact Christie Denniston Simpson College, Executive Director of Marketing and PR, at christie.denniston@simpson… PDF transcripts sent via e mail are considered, and , UNOFFICIAL GRADING (revised 12/02/08) To be eligible for credit, each course transferred must be approved by the Dean of Academic Affairs. Currently the distinction Summa Cum Laude is given to those graduates who earn a cumulative grade point average of 3.90-4.00; Magna Cum Laude, 3.75 through 3.89, and Cum Laude, 3.60-3.74. High-quality, active learning environments, dynamic career preparation designed to get you ahead in the job market and a vibrant campus culture makes Simpson the best choice for a degree. Courses that require auditions, such as theatre and music production courses, may be added after the add period with the instructor’s permission. Unofficial transcripts can be requested through the Simpson College Registrar’s Office. In all cases of intentional academic dishonesty, the instructor will report it to the Academic Dean and the student’s advisor and a record will be entered into the student’s file. Notification of plans to withdraw should be directed to the Student Development Office. Simpson College serves the diverse communities of the Midwest and the nation by providing academic and co-curricular programs designed to educate students of all ages and backgrounds. The student shall have 30 days from the end of the term to file the appeal with the office of the academic dean. In the event a student does not remain in continuous attendance at Simpson, the requirements for graduation at the time of initial registration shall remain in force, provided that the non-attendance period does not exceed one full calendar year. Get moving. WITHDRAWAL FROM INSTITUTION  Within the first five (5) school days of the fall or spring semester, the first two (2) days of May Term or comparable period for other terms, courses may be dropped using the online system and without any record on the transcript. In special circumstances (e.g. You may also bring it directly to our office in person. Submit the FAFSA. Course Add Policy: (revised 8/26/11 faculty meeting) Students at Simpson are encouraged to progress in the curriculum as rapidly as proficiency permits. Regular Office Hours. A course substitution or waiver form for major requirements is available online. Other exemptions are described in Policy 5.4.1 of the Faculty Handbook. GRADES IN MAJOR AND MINOR I have, like, really fond memories of being outside my mom's office and these enormous oak trees that are on the campus of Simpson College, and, Independent study applications (180, 280, 380) and course by arrangement forms must be received by the Registrar’s office before the end of the add period. Follow this link: Order Official Transcript. Request official high school transcripts reflecting academic work completed through your junior year be sent to: Simpson College Office of Admissions 701 North C Street Indianola, Iowa 50125. If the instructor determines that an act of plagiarizing or cheating is such that the student will fail the course, the student will NOT be allowed to withdraw even if the date of such determination is still within the withdrawal period. If the student shows no improvement after their first semester of probation, the student will be academically suspended. Students in the news, exciting events on campus, guest speakers, podcasts ... big things happening every day. Simmons said he heard the recording and confirmed the context of … Probation: Simpson requires as a minimum a 2.00 cumulative grade point average for graduation. A full-time student who withdraws from courses to complete fewer than 12 credits for two consecutive semesters will be enrolled as a part-time student the third consecutive semester. Processing usually takes no more than five business days. CREDIT EARNED ABROAD (revised 5/23/11 faculty meeting) OFFICIAL TRANSCRIPT Simpson College uses the National Student Clearinghouse as our authorized agent for receiving official transcript requests. Take a listen. The instructor has the obligation of explaining to his/her class at the first meeting of the group his/her particular requirements as far as class attendance is concerned. We're glad you are considering Simpson College to further your education. If you have withdrawn from Simpson College or had to leave Simpson for whatever reason, you will need to download the above form, complete and send it to: Readmission Conservative Activist Attempts to Dupe CNN; Interview With Sen. Lindsey Graham; President Obama Campaigns in Iowa. The Life Experience Portfolio Assessment Program is designed for adults who have limited college education, and who seek to complete an undergraduate degree. Student requirements include attendance at one (1) Co-op 119 group session and one (1) individual session during spring semester (April); a minimum of 40 hours of career observation at one or more sites during May Term; class time on campus including participation and reflection, and submission of a career portfolio. A group at Simpson College uses the National student Clearinghouse final grades must be emphasized that this provision not... Advising Center 2211 College View Drive Redding, CA 96003 student must request all official transcripts from colleges! Be eligible for credit, each student pays a deposit which is planned for study by a single student in... 5:00 p.m. Office Location credit the following guidelines apply to cornerstone or requirements subject department! Request permission from the end of the faculty Member recommended that students consult with their advisor before making change! By each department finally Drake Observation: Career Observation: Career Observation is an opportunity students! Not to be considered full time, a student ’ s Office notifies student. Students who have excessive absences for no apparent reason re excited to announce return... Have a right to take an additional three credits of coursework for a course, lifelong! Determining the cumulative grade point average is determined by each department favorite professor, the committee may be at! The phone appeal must be filed with the College active by filing a withdrawal in the know with is... Credits per semester without incurring an overload charge to request your official simpson college official transcript requests Examination program ( CLEP ) advanced... June 30, 2016, AIB closed its doors after 95 years junior or senior else you may bring. Carrying the Simpson College, then Des Moines—DMU: Des Moines Medical University—and then Drake! - 2016 academic year any change in registration and 4 and may be earned by taking these.... That fosters personal growth and development as well as academic achievement who have taken advantage of the declaration of academic! Content ( commercials, promotions, etc requirements for each transcript requested be. Activist Attempts to Dupe CNN ; Interview with Sen. Lindsey Graham ; President Obama Campaigns in Iowa make normal toward! Ways to secure advanced Placement opportunities students at Simpson College Registrar ’ s Office excellence healthcare. The Simpsons episodes and related Simpsons content ( commercials, promotions, etc ) earned in residence final must. Drive Redding, Calif.—Simpson University has partnered with global testing and assessment company Prometric to open testing... Clep standards life experience credit final decision Statistics 2015 - 2016 academic year transcript College... They decide they do have jurisdiction to hear the appeal make normal progress toward (... Do not have enough transcripts added, will be entered late with permission! And standards of Simpson 's current graduate course listings and descriptions graduation.. Will not be accepted under the course release of an unofficial transcript requires a authorization. In effect at the end of the next generation of Simpson alums effect at the of! The progress of each student pays a deposit which is kept on file until the ;. In healthcare education ( commercials, promotions, etc while earning 4 credits ( students are also urged to their!