When it comes to watermelon there are so many ways to enjoy this delicious fruit. Smoothie with banana and watermelon is light and refreshing dessert. There might be disagreement on whether this frozen watermelon drink is best referred to as a smoothie, slushie, slurpee, or icee. https://www.suncefit.com/nutrition/recipes/watermelon-banana-smoothie This dairy free watermelon smoothie adds kale and banana for a creamy treat. For a fruit that’s about 92 percent water, watermelon is nutritious and super delicious. This watermelon lime smoothie with mint is a bonus recipe just for you! Nutrition Information. This Mint and Watermelon Smoothie Recipe will not just help you on your weight loss journey, but it’ll also quench your thirst in no time! Jun 24, 2017 - Join the GreenBlender Smoothie Club to get five hand crafted smoothie recipes, and all the ingredients you'll need to make them, delivered to your door each week. This delicious smoothie also uses lemon, apple or orange, which gives it a very good taste. smoothie for kidney!! It’s sweetened with honey, but if the watermelon and banana are sweet enough, you can leave out the 1 tablespoon of honey and shave off 1 Points Plus (according to our calculation). Pour smoothie into 2 glasses. The addition of the condensed milk is to add some sweetness and the flavour incorporates really well with the watermelon and banana. All you need is a food processor and four simple ingredients to get refreshed. This watermelon mint smoothie is the perfect summer drink. I like to have my blender and a basket with fruits on the counter at all times, making it more accessible while I’m blending. Watermelon – 2 cups, chopped and frozen. Combine diced watermelon, frozen strawberries, chilled guava juice, and chopped mint in blender. This banana-mint smoothie tastes perfect, especially if you don’t like too much sweet. This Refreshing Watermelon Smoothie recipe has fresh mint and cucumber, making it ultra-refreshing and hydrating for hot summer days. Watermelon Smoothie | Healthy Banana Watermelon Smoothie RecipeCool off with this delicious and refreshing watermelon smoothie! It has nice aroma and unusual taste. chili lime seasoning; Preparation . Taste and add honey as … Place avocado, watermelon, ice, water and lime in a blender. Mint always does the trick with sweet dishes to balance too much sweet with its refreshing flavor. So, how to make banana and watermelon smoothie? Method. Puree until smooth. This drink is so tasty and good you’ll want to have it on a daily basis, and it’s perfectly refreshing after a long hot summer day. This will give it a very strong banana flavor and it will be creamy. Strawberry, Watermelon & Pineapple Smoothie with Mint Garnish . The banana adds a beautiful creaminess to the smoothie. Share . Milk is added in a very small portion just to aid the blending process. Nutritious combination of fruits and vegetable!! Apple Watermelon Smoothie from Citron Limette (5* Weight Watchers Points Plus) Marie adds an apple and some Greek Yogurt in this smoothie. This post contains affiliate links. So refreshing, I am telling you. fresh mint leaves, watermelon, large banana, full-fat plain yogurt 2-Ingredient Watermelon Smoothie Yummy Toddler Food hemp seeds, watermelon, whole milk greek yogurt, watermelon, frozen cauliflower Decided to try out these Smoothie drinks!!! Another refreshing and healthy breakfast or snack to try!! Garnish with a wedge of watermelon and fresh mint, if desired. Healthy Watermelon Mint Lime Smoothie VeggieFoodRecipes sugar, rock salt, cumin powder, mint leaves, lemon juice, chia seeds and 1 more Breakfast Smoothie Real Food Real Deals You can also make healthy watermelon slushies at home or homemade no-churn watermelon ice cream. This recipe is great whether you want to drink it after you wake up for some energy or after a long day out on the trails. Watermelon and mint smoothie is a very tasty summer drink that you can prepare and enjoy eating. It is a must if you are craving a light, icy cold drink loaded with fresh vitamin rich ingredients! This combination is just divine, so I've easily come up with 7 watermelon banana smoothie recipes to inspire you to play with the mix and perhaps get you to turn smoothie blending into your new daily habit. However, there's one thing we can all agree on here: this sweet and healthy drink is DELICIOUS! Stop the blender, add the spinach, and then continue blending until smooth; Pour into a cup and enjoy; 4. Add honey and a squeeze of fresh citrus, if desired. Serve watermelon smoothies immediately, using chilled glasses. (Yes, I know – I’m a tad late with this one, but thanks to a globalized world it’s always hot somewhere!) Banana – 1, sliced and frozen Banana is rich in potassium, and we try to have it every day (10 healthy foods to have every day). Now that is my kind of healthy snack! If you find yourself craving it on hot summer days, consider making this Minty Watermelon Smoothie. One of the things I love about making smoothies is how easy it is to make them. Mint leaves add freshness while cutting the sweetness just a bit, and the optional banana can add body and richness to a satisfying frozen treat.” #watermelonsmoothie #healthysmoothie INGREDIENTS: 1 1/2-2 … You can watch me show how to prepare the smoothie on youtube. https://loseweightbyeating.com/7-watermelon-smoothie-recipes Unfortunately no one in my family but me really likes kale. Watermelon Smoothie Recipe1/2 a frozen banana1/2 cup of ice1 cup watermelon1/2 of the Juice of 1 lemon1/2 cup of almond milk10 leaves of fresh mint Blend all … Cover and blend until smooth. This recipe calls for 3 cups of watermelon, so I would do between 1/2 to 1 full banana in the recipe. 4 cups watermelon, cut into 1-inch pieces; 1/2 cup water; 1 cup ice; 2 Tbsp. To make a “watermelon and mint smoothie”, first place the chopped watermelon pieces on a tray in a single layer and put them in the freezer for 4 hours. If you’ve been out enjoying long summer rides these days like our guys, you may be in need of a cool and refreshing beverage that’s nutrient-dense and easy to prepare. Pour into glasses, sprinkle with chili lime seasoning and serve immediately. Add watermelon, mint leaves, and cucumber to a blender. Preparation. The strawberries and mint add a delicious twist to the watermelon. Olga’s watermelon-banana smoothie A refreshing summer treat. Optional: for added flavour, before blending, add a few mint leaves to above. While we all know how protein helps in fat or weight loss, this version has an added reward feeling to it. Watermelon and banana smoothies will instantly trigger your memories from all of your best summer vacations. Blend until smooth. This is one of the best watermelon smoothies for weight loss as it is low in sugar and fat, ... Cut the watermelon into cubes; peel the banana and cut it into cubes; Add fruit ingredients to the blender and blend until creamy. https://deliciouslyplated.com/recipe/watermelon-mint-smoothie It’s sweet, creamy, and refreshing that you won’t even think it’s a … In salads (fruit salad or a more savoury salad with mint and feta! As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Due to its nutritional value the drink can complement your dinner or even replace your easy snack. A Creamy Watermelon Banana Smoothie . This Banana Watermelon Smoothie is a fun and healthy drink that is perfect for busy mornings or as an after school snack. https://foodviva.com/smoothie-recipes/watermelon-smoothie-with-yogurt Banana & Watermelon Smoothie Bowl This recipe is really easy, all you need is a nice sized melon and some other every day frozen fruits. Share. If you are going to make a watermelon banana smoothie, you can choose the amount of banana you want in it! 2. Watermelon smoothie is a great way of eating fruit in the summertime. With just a few ingredients and a whirl in the blender, it is ready in less than 5 minutes. In the smoothie, fresh cooling mint, creamy Vanilla Whey Shakeology, and of course, naturally sweet, juicy watermelon come together in an icy blended beverage. Refreshing Watermelon Banana Smoothie . Having a banana and watermelon smoothie this morning. Blend until smooth. Ingredients 2 cups watermelon 300 g, previously chopped and frozen ½ cucumber no need to peel it 2 sprigs of mint Honey as needed; Instructions. However it is so nutritious, filled with antioxidants and fiber, that I still want to serve it to my family occasionally. Not only do watermelon and strawberry complement each other beautifully, but they come together to make an absolutely delicious and healthy smoothie in this watermelon strawberry smoothie recipe. https://cooking.nytimes.com/recipes/1013775-watermelon-mint-smoothie Join What to you think? Place frozen watermelon chunks in a blender and top with milk, yogurt and chia seeds. Ingredients. Make sure to shop for a good watermelon, my local health store always have really tasty ones. fresh lime juice; 1/8 tsp. ), skewered, grilled even, and of course blended up in a smoothie. One option I love is a watermelon banana smoothie. Watermelon Pineapple Smoothie. Place the watermelon and pineapple piece into a blender and blend until smooth. Add the strawberries, coconut water and ice and blend again until smooth. 1.