Zeon’s beauty and playability contributed to the choice. If prolonged rain or other factors ‘Meyer’ has a wider leaf than ‘Emerald’ and has good cold tolerance. The grass exhibits a dense creeping growth, rather than an aggressive upward, or sprawling growth. Zoysia vs St. Augustine Grass: Differences. Keyword is that zoysia can tolerate shade but it does not do well in only 5-6 hours sun. Used when a top-quality lawn is desired, Emerald Zoysia has a low growth habit and is relatively shade tolerant. All four of these cultivars are grown and commercially available in Georgia.”. Soon Centipede . Graphs Of Zoysia Grass Varieties Leaf Texture Ratings. Practice grass cycling. In my experience, and I have the grasses growing together next to one another and from the eye looking very closely at it you cannot tell the difference in the grass. Mow Zeon Zoysia at 1 to 2 inch height during the growing season with a reel or rotary type mower. It has a Bright Green Color and will establish in a variety of Soil Types. ... Emerald. Centipede has a wider blade that gives the lawn a more course texture than Zoysia. I’ve noticed that it seems weaker in shady spots than my neighbor’s Emerald zoysia. If … Expect coverage from plugs on one foot centers in about twenty to twenty-four weeks which is considerably faster than Emeralds normal growth rate. I like the fine-bladed Emerald and the thick turf. I’m planning on sodding 8000 ft of Emerald Zoysia because I grew up with this grass and loved it but I’ve been told I should consider Zeon. It was selected by a turf grower in Poteet, Texas from a collection of seed-grown Manila grasses imported from Japan, according to the U.S. It is well-suited for quality lawns where regular maintenance and care is provided. Characteristics: Zeon is compatible with a wide range of soil conditions. It has good drought tolerance and very few insect or disease problems. In addition, unlike Emerald Zoysia, Zeon is extremely low-maintenance and can be mowed using a standard rotary type of machine. Emerald Zoysia. Can't say that I am very impressed with it as it is extremely slow growing and recovers extremely slow from damage. ... bobstrauss. The southern most side of my backyard barely barely grows or gets mowed. Q: I had Emerald zoysia installed in the spring, with great attention to soil prep beforehand. Transition Zone where you are, the varieties (or cultivars) of Zoysia used are El Toro, Himeno, Meyer, Zenith, Emerald, Cavalier, Zeon, and Zorro. Zeon Turfgrass aka the “barefoot grass,” is a fine Blade Variety that does well in the Sun or Shade. The first four varieties are within the Zoysia japonica species while the last three are within Zoysia matrella. Zorro, propagated from a clone of one Z. matrella seedling, was released in 00 . "Zeon" zoysia (Zoysia matrella "Zeon") is a warm-season turf grass desirable for its deep roots and thick texture. sun and shade. They differed in the dates they greened-up each spring but they might just as easily have differed in their tolerance for shade. Another guess is that you may not have the same “Emerald” zoysia as your neighbor. There are other zoysiagrass cultivar better adapted to shade and I would not recommend Emerald for lawns that receive less than 6 hours of filtered to intermittent shade in a day during the growing season. Glass clippings decompose quickly and can provide up to 25 percent of the lawn's fertilizer needs. • At the same time, zoysia’s need for watering is far less than other types of grasses. Emerald is one of the slowest growing zoysia grasses making mowing every 7-10 days in the growing season one of its best attributes. Turf expert Clint Waltz says “Emerald zoysiagrass doesn’t grow really strong in limited light conditions (i.e. It's hard for me to make a strong statement on my Zeon vs Bermuda, as I've put my Zeon in such a bad position. Irrigation: Though drought tolerant, to maintain a healthy appearance … More important, Zeon’s low water use and low fertilizer requirements were … Here's what I can say: My front yard gets lots of shade, had very poor … It can handle full sun or light to medium shade. • Zoysia tolerates more traffic than other grasses and so is great for recreation areas on the lawn. Emerald Zoysia is a very slow growing lawn grass. Return two weeks later to finish putting soil down, had to post pone because of massive rains. It has a dark green cut color throughout the year, darker than Cavalier Zoysia with a proper fertility program. Emerald zoysia is a fine-textured, dense-growing, dark green Turfgrass. Flooding won’t be a problem, as our yard slopes down toward the street. This is our number one seller Zeon Zoysia and a lot of people come to this stinking short. Emerald was released in 1955 and has been trusted for many years by some of the most demanding residential and commercial developers. Sometimes you establish a turfgrass in your yard and end up finding out the water requirements are too much for your liking, or the trees around your yard produce too much shade than the grass can handle. Legacy post. We are open! Centipede, despite its roots being relatively shallow, provides a nice, thick lawn turf that’s popular for park use. The blade density is much higher than other grasses, giving a very dense, carpet-like, or "hedgehog" appearance. Come over here again and look at this L1F. Zeon has exceptional shade tolerance with minimal fertilizer and water usage. Zeon Zoysia is an exceptionally dense turf so to make mowing easier mow before the turf reaches 3". There are currently no sods to display. Soon Empire Zoysia . It could be that cost factor, sunlight requirements, tolerance to disease and drought, or the texture that makes the difference. The entire yard receives enough sun to support both Zeon and Emerald zoysia. Turf expert Dr. Clint Waltz did a DNA test of 16 samples of “Emerald” zoysia, from homeowner lawns, commercial sites and turf farms. Soon Fescue . In this video, Phil Sarros discusses all of the decision criteria needed for selecting the correct type of sod for your outdoor project. ‘Emerald’ zoysiagrass has a very fine leaf texture but is less cold-tolerant than other zoysiagrass varieties. He found that there were three distinct races of grass sold as “Emerald”. Zorro Zoysia Order Now. Soon Meyer Zoysia . Centipede is also known as the “poor man’s grass,” because it usually only grows to five inches in height, and slowly at that. Meyer Zoysia develops a very dense turf, demonstrates good cold tolerant and grows well in partial shade. Order Now. Soon St. Augustine . They differed in the dates they greened-up each spring but they might just as easily have differed in their tolerance for shade. I’ve decided to move forward with Zeon Zoysia, due to its shade tolerance and finer blade texture, with less thatch tendency than Emerald. Commonly referred to as the “Cadillac” of turf, Emerald is the ideal turf for a home lawn. ©2020 Walter Reeves / The Simple Gardener, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Good Wear Tolerance. Description: Zeon is the next generation of fine-textured zoysiagrases and, due to its superior growth and disease/insect resistances, is destined to replace Emerald. 2016-05-11. dpallas – posted 18 June 2007 16:52. Trademark and Plant Patent Office. ... Zeon Zoysia: A beautiful fine blade grass. Was wanting Zeon Zoysia but was not available at the time of needed sod installation so went with Geo zoysia as it sounded comparable and even better than Zeon. Emerald Zoysia Grass Has a Beautiful Dark Green Color A lot of times, you’ll see Emerald Zoysia out on the edges of golf courses, because it does have some amount of shade tolerance, and its fine-bladed leaf texture looks like the Bermuda grass, in particular the Tifway 419 Bermuda grass that they use on a lot of fairways. If the site is more shady, cultivars to consider would be El Toro (medium to coarse leaf texture), JaMur (medium to coarse leaf texture), Zeon (fine leaf texture), or Zorro (fine leaf texture). auteck. Soon Zorro Zoysia . Featured Answer. Call 281-431-7441 for answers to your questions and a quick quote for your project. Turf expert Dr. Clint Waltz did a DNA test of 16 samples of “Emerald” zoysia, from homeowner lawns, commercial sites and turf farms. shade). Email Save Comment 40. According to Phillip Jennings Turf Farm in Soperton, Georgia, \"Empire\" was selected by turf horticulturists in Brazil. Emerald is a hybrid between … 'Zeon' Zoysia Sun Requirements. If this is the case, your zoysia will go dormant in winter and will revive evenly in spring. 3 years ago. Zeon Zoysia: While Zeon Zoysia bears the Emerald resemblance and fine blade texture, it is much softer than its prickly counterpart. Emerald was released by the USDA and the Georgia Agricultural Station in 1955 and is known as the … Browse and purchase gardening books by Walter Reeves, plus select titles by other authors.

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