Two years later, in 1916, the Hamilton Committee was formed to recruit sailors for the overseas division new RNCVR. On 2 July 1935, the Hamilton Half Company moved to the Williamson & Company Vinegar Works building at 41 Stuart Street, between Bay & MacNab where it stayed until 1943. HMCS Star pays tribute to diver who died last week. 18397), and English Electric Canberra, RAF (Serial No. A bit of an adventure to get to from the HMCS Haida, but there are lots of signs directing you to the right place. [10], On 31 January 1923, Privy Council Order #139 established the Royal Canadian Naval Volunteer Reserve (RCNVR) and on 15 March 1923 Lieutenant Ralph H. Yeates was appointed as the first commanding officer of the Hamilton Half Company (RCNVR). The Distinguished Service Medal was awarded to Chief Petty Officer Donald Portree, Torpedoman Dan Gearing and Signaller Eugine Tobin. 659 Lake Shore Blvd W. Toronto ON M5V 1A7 (416) 635-4400 ext. Motto. HMCS Haida is a Tribal Class Destroyer commissioned in the Royal Canadian Navy in 1943. Commander Douglas Stewart “Doug” Woodliffe, Commander Bob Galbraith Wilson (1963-1964), Acting Commander John Henry Curtis (1953-1958), Acting Commander George Holcombe Parke (1950-1953), Acting Lieutenant Commander William Hugh Adamson (1946-1946), Acting Lieutenant Commander Robert Guy Baker (1946-1946), Acting Commander Colin Stinson Glassco (1945-1946), Acting Commander Reginald (Cowboy) Jackson (1944-1945), Lieutenant Walter Herbert Bruce Thomson (1941-1941), Lieutenant Frank Elwood Waterman (1940-1941), Acting Lieutenant John Cyril Hart (1937-1940), Lieutenant Henry Lloyd George Westland (1934-1937), Lieutenant William George Beaver (1929-1934), Lieutenant Ralph Howard Yeates (1923-1929), This page was last edited on 7 December 2020, at 16:25. Quick Navigation. Commanding Officers Hamilton Half Company RCNVR, Hamilton Division RCNVR & HMCS STAR. Established now in Hamilton, HMCS Patriot housed the Commanding Officer, Naval Divisions (COND), the forerunner to today's Royal Canadian Naval Reserve Command Headquarters. Canadian naval news and history. All the units, including Hamilton, failed to meet the February 1869 deadline and therefore Hamilton's first, formal naval reserve unit ceased to exist. HMCS ST CROIX. Here's a pic of the users in the admin panel , the one i want to use is the bottom one. HMCS Star is a Canadian Forces Naval Reserve Division (NRD) located in Hamilton, Ontario. [34], In 1951, a new reserve summer Great Lakes Training Scheme was set up to provide basic naval training on the Great Lakes for new recruits and officers. After a brief layover in the Canadian Maritimes, she sailed through the Panama Canal to Esquimalt, on the country’s Pacific coast, where she operated until 1937 before transferring back to … [33], In November 1950, when hurricane winds caused by the Great Appalachian Storm struck the head of Lake Ontario and waves washed away lake shore cottages from Van Wagners beach, approximately 50 officers and sailors from Star and UNTD Guelph were amongst the first to respond as rescue crews. DILIGENTIA (Diligence) Colours. On Saturday, December 5th HMCS Star’s Festive Dinner tradition continued, albeit a little differently. [19] Intended as a prototype for Naval Reserve structures, the building demonstrated good craftsmanship and handling of materials. Your cart: 0 Product Products Products $ 0 [9], When the Royal Canadian Navy was formed on 4 May 1910, there was no corresponding naval reserve until 1914 when the Royal Navy Canadian Volunteer Reserve (RNCVR) was stood up with minimal government support. The Canadair CL-13 Sabre is painted red for the Canadian National Exhibition in Toronto in September, 1955. Due to the large complement of sailors at Star, a full medical and dental service was added to the unit.[15]. January 17, 2021, 5:10 pm. I was a stoker on the Haida. Nova Scotia, for four years. Please keep it mind that i'm not a IT member and just a normal everyday user. HMCS STAR. Info about all HMCS ships, badges and sailors. 366 Arnaud Ave. Sept-Îles QC G4R 3A7 (418) 962-1904. [32] In mid-August 1950, PTC 706 joined the minesweeper HMCS Portage and other Fairmiles from Toronto and Kingston for fleet manoeuvres off Presq'ile. HMCS Skeena at Pier C, Vancouver, British Columbia, 1934. Russian SBML 36-pounder Gun captured at Sevastopol in 1855, given to Hamilton by Queen Victoria in 1860 and mounted as a centennial project in 1967 outside HMCS Star. [22], In June 1949, a party of sailors from the unit made a visit to former RCN corvettes being readied to be scrapped at Hamilton's steel mills. Early in 1919, HMCS Stadacona was sent to the west coast and, after brief service as a dispatch vessel, was paid off 31 March 1920. In the winter of 1942, the University Naval Training Division (UNTD) concept was introduced in Hamilton by Professor A. W. "Jack" Baker, when he stood up an experimental reserve training division at the Ontario Agricultural College (OAC) in Guelph. ABOUT US. After that, I was transferred, at age 54, to what I’d call the “Radioactive Reserve’; no balloon going up in the interim of course, so I was eventurally released on my 70th birthday. Contact Michael directly Join to view full profile People also viewed Pamela Kent. in Hamilton. 6612. He says: " I joined at HMCS Star in Hamilton on Divisional Strength (reserve) in April 1943. Immerse yourself into world-class art, exciting history, and mind-bending science. Curator walked us around, so we got a lot of great extra stories and information. She fought primarily in the Battle of Irelan. The Canadian Forces Naval Reserve (NAVRES, French: Réserve navale des Forces canadiennes) is the Primary Reserve component of the Royal Canadian Navy (RCN). Naval Reserve Division | Unité de Réserve navale My home address is 54 Mohawk Road West, Apartment 105, Hamilton Onario L9C1V7. Welcome, Sign in Contact us. Please feel free to fill in the contact form at any time and an appropriate member of the H.C. Starck Solutions team will reach out to you in due course. 350 were here. Naften, the program was conceived to provide seagoing experience for men of the RCN(R) who have not completed the six-month new entry training program. In 2002, she left the coast, to pursue her education in Ontario, where studies at the University of Toronto saw her transferring to HMCS STAR and HMCS YORK thereafter. Box 76, Epping NSW 1710, Australia. As late as 14 October 1941, the unit was considered to be called HMCS Brant, but the name was changed, likely to avoid confusion with a recently launched corvette HMCS Brantford. In addition, Records of Service can be obtained from Library and Archives Canada at the following address: I went on active service in 1944 and took my basic training at HMCS York in Toronto. 5 Current address: CSIRO Astronomy and Space Science, P.O. 6310. Academic disciplines Business Concepts Crime Culture Economy Education 669-1529 or ext. Modify TSO/VTAM time-sharing Rebuild a new LNKLST directory. 6753. Previously based in Toronto during the Second World War under the title Commanding Officer, Reserve Divisions (CORD), COND now supervised 21 naval divisions across Canada and directed the summer operations of the Great Lakes fleet reserve training ships, HMCS Porte St. Louis, HMCS Porte St. Jean, and former air force supply vessel HMCS Scatari, permanently stationed at HMCS Star for use by the reservists. [55], From 1923 to 2020, HMCS Star has had 36 commanding officers:[56], Rear Admiral Jennifer Bennett (1975-1979) - former commander of the Canadian Naval Reserve from 2007 to 2011 and named as one of Canada's 100 Most Powerful Women in 2011[57], Commodore Ross Bennett (1947, 1963, 1966-1969) - former Judge of the Ontario Court of Justice (Provincial Division)[58], Gwynne Dyer (1959-1965) - former senior lecturer in War Studies at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst and London-based independent Canadian journalist[59], David Etchells (1955) - member of Canadair CL-215 water bomber test team[60], Waldron Fox-Decent (1961-1962) - former professor at University of Manitoba and Chairperson of the Board of Directors of the Workers Compensation Board[61], Seth Grossmith (1952) - former NASA test pilot and fourth naval officer elected to Canada's Aviation Hall of Fame[62], William Jarvis (1952) - former politician in the province of Ontario, Canada[63], Joseph Kirkpatrick (1954-1961) - former Ontario Provincial Court judge[64], Robert Nixon (1946-1950) - retired politician in the province of Ontario, Canada[65], Morris Perozak (1951-1954) - former Ontario Provincial Court judge [66], Graham Scott (1966) - former Ontario Deputy Minister of Health, Deputy Minister of the Environment, and CEO of Cancer Care Ontario[67], Donald Sheppard (1948) - Canada's only F4U Corsair ace of the Second World War, and the first British Royal Navy Fleet Air Arm pilot of any nation to become an ace in the war against Japan[68][69], Destruction of the American steamboat Caroline, First location of HMCS Star on Bay St. Hamilton, ON, Recruiting advertisement for the Royal Naval Canadian Volunteer Reserve, Overseas Division, Hawker Hurricane at Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum C-GCWH, YHM Hamilton, ON (John C. Munro Hamilton International Airport).