Our Team

Our Team 2016-11-02T22:06:46+00:00

Business Development Manager

Boris Camernik

Development of the DCC’s service portfolio, aiming at financial sustainability through project acquisition, commercialization of existing services, creation of new services, as well funding opportunities

Director of Programmes

Danko Cosic

Responsible for the implementation, management, supervision and evaluation of all the organization’s programs; participation in strategic planning and budgeting in addition to problem solving and staff development.

Acting General Secretary

Marketing and Sales Manager

Nikola Stanisavljevic

Responsible for implementation of the DCC’s marketing and sales plan/activities; Managing overall DCC’s digital presence and offline visibility

Project Coordinator

Vladan Kreckovic

Project activity implementation, Communication with members, Event organisation, Networking, PR activities

Financial and Administrative Manager

Aleksandra Deletic

Overall management of financial and administrative operations of the organization

Administrative Assistant

Jelena Zrnic

Assisting DCC’s Financial and Administrative officer in performing daily financial and administrative tasks